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Colquitt threw the ball away and was penalized for intentional grounding, as Tennessee took over at their own 39 yard line. Tannehill scrambled for 18 yards and connected with Firkser for a 20 yard pass before he ultimately threw a 23 yard go ahead touchdown pass to WR Adam Humphries. Tennessee opted to attempt a two point conversion, and the try was successful as Tannehill rushed into the end zone for two points to put the Titans up, 35 32..

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She fired back: “We already took the test and that is where the problem started he choose not a Neutral setting and pick his own DNA specialict. And he had it done I. His home and me and Lisa suspected he was trying something with it he agreed to take a 2nd test but Lisa dropped the case because I went on IG and aired out my case but I have a new laywer now and I need to keep things like that private or I won have a chance.”.

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