You Know I’ve Never Known

I’ve never known what I’m looking for

I’ve never known , I’m moving on

alarm goes off late

I’m late for a date

all plans to be burnt

you’d thought I’d have learnt

ice cold shower

milk turned sour

not going my way

its one of those days

car won’t start

scramble in the dark

so bloody tired

I’m gonna be fired

was it something i said

on the wrong side of bed

bills due today

more work less pay

run i must

missed the bus

show me the way

its like a needle in the hay

I’m sitting on the fence

with no intent

lifes a farce

you can stick up your….

metaphorically speaking ofcourse

you say , theres no way

I don’t know what the devil don’t want me to

no no , you know i never know


I’m watching life slowly slipping through my hands

I’m counting time , as if you understand

I know the clock is running , disappearing sand

times moving on……

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