Talking Telephone Numbers

the winds of love blow a tempermental storm

I feel the freeze , where I used to feel so warm

I remember all the times that for you have all gone

since our love was born

I sit here thinking in the middle of the night

waiting for the words to flow , I’ve got to say it right

through my clouded mind let it shine sunlight

enlighten the pages for you to find


you’d be talking telephone numbers

just to impress your friends

while good ol me spends his time alone

with all the hours god sends

for who am I , to deny , your place upon high

I’m leaving in the morning

 this is goodbye


we really had something , or so I thought

something that your career could not have bought

you need to chase what it is you’ ve sought

perhaps your just being kind

so its time I feel for me to leave

i need some space , where I can grow and breathe

it’s hard for me to take , but now I believe

this way I keep my pride


I’m on my way now , I can’t stay around here

run from your life , the cost of loving you i fear

I’m now so sure I couldn’t stand you near

when you want to be elsewhere

so it’s with regret , I leave today

theres nothing left now i have to say

so I bid to you a fond farewell

and on the step I leave a tear


……… this could be goodbye…

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