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picked up my first guitar when i was 30 yrs old, and it was like starting a journey id been waiting to travel. have since spent many finger-numbing hrs between family, friends football and two jobs trying to become a better player.
many, many guitarists inspire me yet paradoxically, make me feel quite inadequate, my recent faves being john butler, ben harper, bob brozman. other influences in sound and style come from people such as black rebel motorcycle club, damien rice, wilko johnson, harry manx and many of the old blues players like son house and charlie patton. i could be here all day.
my technical inabilities and average voice, i hope can be overcome by a half decent tune and a bit of attitude. i really hope to use this site as a vehicle for my songs rather than a wish to perform as such but who knows?
id like to thank my wife clair and kids tom, jo and abbi for putting up with my endless hours of repetitive practice and my dog mac for being my most faithful listener although even he leaves the room when the slide comes out. in his defence he does a mean howl when i play the harmonica [see videos]
special thanks to abbi for doing backing vocals for me. she gave me a singing voucher as a christmas present 2 yrs ago, and now it has come back to haunt her. she prefers to stay in the background, but i think youll agree she is wasted there, oh well , you cant tell em. kids eh?
also a big thank you to danny my brother for doing this website and giving me a much needed kick up the arse.
feel free to contact me using the form below if you like the music or you have any advice. im told i dont take criticism too well, but i can always ignore your e-mails

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